Winner Profile: Carly Bradley

Winner Profile: Carly Bradley

Carly joyfully embraced International Scuba Day 2023, thanks to a friendly email nudge from Tusa. She spent the whole day at Folsom Lake, sharing the magic of the depths by teaching an Open Water Class.

Participating in this fabulous day brought Carly not just waves of joy but also a splashy prize – a sleek new Mares Quad Air Dive Computer, which she generously shared a snapshot of with us.

For Carly, as with so many of us, scuba diving isn’t just a hobby but a heartfelt passion. It’s in this tranquil world where she finds peace, and she gracefully shares this love and expertise with eager learners.

Carly enjoys the serenity diving brings to her life and when asked what her favorite thing about diving is she answered:

“I love the feeling of breathing under water. I love the sound of breath. It is very relaxing and nothing else exists while I’m down there.”

– Carly Bradley

She continues to add that she also loves watching the animals and discovering the magnificent underwater life.

Carly’s diving adventures commenced in Monterey, CA, and her underwater journeys have since taken her to amazing destinations. Although Fiji currently holds the spot as her favorite dive area, she confesses to paying little attention to site names and adds:

“I just love being under the water.” 

– Carly Bradley

Carly’s diving calendar is simply bursting with exciting adventures ahead. She has an exciting 3-week expedition to the Red Sea on the horizon, along with serene local dives at Folsom Lake, the enchanting waters of Fiji, as well as Costa Rica, Cozumel, and the Maldives!

Congratulations to Carly Bradley on her new Mares Quad Air Dive Computer. Thank you for being part of International Scuba Day.

We hope you enjoy it!

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