Winner Profile: Timothy

Winner Profile: Timothy

Timothy Carey 2023 scuba day winner

Tim celebrated International Scuba Day 2023, having been informed about the event by a staff member at the Sea Experience Dive Shop in Ft. Lauderdale. His celebrations spanned two days, August 5th and 6th, during which he participated in a couple of reef dives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Tim even managed to capture the opening day of the lobster season on video, which can be viewed on his Youtube Channel.

By participating in International Scuba Day, Tim won a brand new Cressi Master Cromo regulator, which he has mounted on his pony bottle.

Scuba diving holds a special place in Tim’s heart, a passion that ignited back in 1978. What captivates him the most about this sport is the opportunity it grants him to witness a diverse and magnificent array of marine life, an experience he believes is unparalleled by any other sport.

His first open-water dive after training was at the Wreck of the Onondaga, located off the coast of Rhode Island. Tim has a particular fondness for wreck diving, always on the lookout for dive sites that feature wrecks. Among the numerous dive sites he cherishes, the Caymans hold a special place as one of his top favorites.

tim cressi scuba day winner

Looking ahead, Tim has a packed schedule of diving expeditions lined up. He routinely dives in the Long Island Sound and plans to continue this until the end of October. Moreover, he has exciting trips planned to Cuba in November, the Grand Cayman in January, and Catalina Island, California, in February. Tim is on track to surpass a remarkable milestone by the end of the year, aiming to complete over 1,600 dives.

Congratulations to Tim on his brand new Cressi regulator. Thank you for being part of International Scuba Day.

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