International Scuba Day

Join the global diving community to celebrate the first annual International Scuba Day! Score some new gear in one of our giveaways, win a getaway at a dive resort, or join a group dive at your local dive shop — no matter how you participate, celebrate International Scuba Day with us this August 6th — worldwide!

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Dive & Win
Our friends in the dive industry are giving away amazing prizes

If you dive during the days around International Scuba Day and log your dive with us, you automatically enter the sweepstakes to win amazing prizes from official Scuba Day sponsors.

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Everyone that log their dive with International Scuba Day, before August 13th 2023, automatically
enter the sweepstakes to win prizes from our sponsors.

Scuba Day Live

This event has ended.

We hope you enjoyed watching Scuba Day Live and we would like to thank everyone that participated and made our very first live event a success.
A special thanks to DAN Europe, Reef-World Foundation and World Adventure Divers for joining us live.

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What is Scuba Day?

Join us this year as we inaugurate the first-ever International Scuba Day! What exactly is International Scuba Day, though?

Planned for August 6th, 2023, it’s a chance for ocean-lovers across the world to celebrate what we love most: blowing bubbles. No matter your experience level — from novice to expert — International Scuba Day is for you.

We hope to have hundreds of participants from 150 countries, including dive centers, resorts, training organizations, groups representing divers, and conservation organizations hosting events.  Everyone is connected to the ocean in some way, and if you have an interest in diving you can join in on the celebration!  

Dive shops around the world will be planning a variety of events like group dives and/or discounts on classes and gear to encourage you to get underwater with your buddies.

How did we choose the date?

On August 6th, 1926, French Naval officer Yves Paul Gaston Le Prieur and inventor Maurice Fernez unveiled and tested the Fernez-Le Prieur diving apparatus in a Paris swimming pool.

A cylinder of compressed air on the diver’s back combined with a regulator allowed the diver total freedom underwater, without need for surface-supplied air. Thus was scuba as we know it today born, so it’s the perfect anniversary to celebrate our sport!

Finally, the why — why do we need an International Scuba Day? Well, we live in a world where there’s an International Carrot Day (April 4th, if you’re interested) so it seems crazy that there’s not a day dedicated to celebrating one of the most transformative — and fun — outdoor experiences you can have on our planet.

This year, on August 6th visit a participating dive shop near you and get involved. Go diving; enter a drawing for prizes; or just take some time that day to plan your next diving vacation.

We’ll see you underwater! 

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