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The team behind International Scuba Day

The International Scuba Day is run by volunteers that are passionate about Scuba Diving and share a common interest in raising the profile of diving and connecting with marine-minded people.

The idea for a day dedicate to diving came to life when the team worked together on testing Dive Equipment for DIVEIN.

Meet the ocean enthusiasts responsible for International Scuba Day.

Nicolai Lonne

Nicolai is scuba diver with a real passion for wreck diving. His interested turned into a profession when his scuba diving magazine took off. He now spends his days testing scuba gear and planning his next dive adventure.

Rebecca Strauss

Rebecca has been an avid traveler and scuba diver for many years. She’s visited all seven continents and dived on six of them. From speedy drift dives in Indonesia to leisurely muck dives in Florida, to shark dives in the Galapagos, her favorite dive is always her next.

Christos Nicolaou

Originally from the island of Cyprus, Christos has been Scuba Diving since he was 15 years old. He has worked in several Dive Shops around the Mediterranean and has been part of marine-focused NGO projects in the Caribbean.

He is deeply committed to the protection and preservation of marine habitats. He believes in responsible diving and advocates for ocean conservation, actively participating in local cleanup activities and raising awareness about the threats these incredible ecosystems face.

As a part of the World Scuba Day Organizing Committee, Christos hopes to inspire others with his infectious enthusiasm for the underwater world, fostering a sense of respect and duty towards marine life.

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