FAQs about Scuba Day

Who can celebrate International Scuba Day? 

Anyone! We hope to have hundreds of participants from 150 countries, including dive centers, resorts, training organizations, groups representing divers, and conservation organizations hosting events.  Everyone is connected to the ocean in some way, and if you have an interest in diving you can join in on the celebration!  

What is International Scuba Day?

International Scuba Day is an annual, global celebration of our love for diving that will take place every year on August 6th. International Scuba Day raises the profile of diving, connects marine-minded people worldwide, and inspires us to continue diving year-round.  

Where will International Scuba Day be celebrated?

Everywhere! International Scuba Day is an annual, global celebration of our love for diving, and celebration can take place anywhere you can blow bubbles, from an inland lake to the Galapagos Islands. Check our ongoing list of sponsors to see if there’s an event near you. If not, make up your own and be sure to share it on social media with the hashtag #internationalscubaday!  

When will International Scuba Day take place?

We chose August 6th in honor of French Naval officer Yves Paul Gaston Le Prieur and inventor Maurice Fernez, who unveiled and tested the Fernez-Le Prieur diving apparatus in a Paris swimming pool on August 6th, 1926—the first ever instance of a truly self-contained diving apparatus.

Why celebrate an International Scuba Day?

International days of celebration exist for everything from carrots to poetry, so it’s high time scuba joined the ranks. After all, isn’t the underwater world worth celebrating?

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