Scuba Day LIVE

Scuba Day LIVE

Every year we celebrate International Scuba Day on-air with experts from the industry. We discuss everything from scuba diving principles, environmental impact, secure and responsible diving, to the latest trends & topics. The event is broadcast LIVE on multiple social media platforms where you can tune in for an insightful discussions, delving into significant topics in scuba diving.

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Scuba Day Live – 2023 Recording

The very first Scuba Day Live was held August 6th 2023. Our host Christos was joined by Florine from World Adventure Divers, Cristian from DAN Europe, and Teresa Moh from Reef-World Foundation.

We would like to thank our exceptional guests and everyone that tuned in from all over the world.
We hope you enjoyed Scuba Day Live and thank you all for making the day a success.

Scuba Day Live – 2023 Program

An outline of the 2023 Program – This event has ended

Join our Scuba Day Live talk with representatives from Diving Alert Network (DAN) Europe, Reef-World Foundation, DIVEIN and World Adventure Divers that will take part in insightful discussions, delving into significant topics in scuba diving. Participants can expect to learn more about safety guidelines, sustainable practices, and introductory steps for those considering dipping their toes into scuba diving.

This is a friendly discussion with takeaway nuggets of best practices for everyone to try on their journey to become better divers.

Dive like a Pro: the Secrets of Fun Underwater

Uncover the secrets of dive Pros’ best practices. During this Live, we will discuss how it can transform your underwater experience and make you a better diver. We’ll cover the art of diving like a pro, ensuring safety, relaxation, and happiness beneath the waves. Gain practical tips and a fresh perspective on integrating a responsible routine to unlock pure diving enjoyment. Here is your chance to elevate your diving skills.

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We will broadcast Scuba Day Live via Restream on

from 2 – 3pm UTC / 3pm London time / 7 am Los Angeles / 10 am NYC / 4 pm Paris / 11 pm Tokyo

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